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Stuck in the middle of a book? Trying to revise a book and it’s not working? On deadline for an agent or a publisher? Always wanted to write a book and someone told you you couldn’t? Procrastinating by doing everything but actually sitting down and writing your book? This is the place for you.

“Maybe the desire to create something beautiful is the piece of God that is inside each of us.”

Mary Oliver

I’m a national-bestselling author and I’ve been publishing since 2002 and I’ve published 16 books, with 2 more coming out in 2021. I wrote 20 bad books before I got the first one published. I sold my first book cold to someone I’d never met, to “Dear Acquisitions Editor” at a small press. I landed my agent from there, and I know how to navigate the publishing world today.

For years, I helped other writers by doing developmental edits of finished manuscripts. But the more I did it, the more frustrated I became by the idea that it’s *your* job to do the writing and *my* job to critique it and just send it back to you to fix it. It rarely worked. Writers were discouraged or they didn’t understand the full range of my criticism or they just couldn’t drink from a fire hose in the way they needed to for this system to be successful.

So in 2017, I started what I thought might be a one-time offer to eight clients. I called it a “writing mentorship” and it was an 8-week chance to collaborate with me on a daily basis. I did weekly video chats, daily check-ins, and I read EVERYTHING my mentees wrote, giving them the detailed notes they needed–or the big picture stuff that was more important. I taught scene-writing, character development, plotting, and dialogue. But because it was a weekly process, there was a constant back and forth.

The first mentorship was an amazing success. People wrote their books. I helped with accountability and with the psychological side of writing. But more importantly, I helped them to shape the book through this process, guiding them around common pitfalls that would make their books unpublishable, and helping them through the murky middle that stops many writers.

There were moments during the video chats where they would say, “Oh my God, that’s exactly where this needs to go?” or “how did you read my mind?” or “why didn’t I see that was going to be a massive problem?” I’ve read thousands of books and written hundreds, and I spend a lot of time analyzing what works and doesn’t. This is now what I do and what I consider my most amazing skill.

So I did a second round, and now I do it on a regular basis, as long as I have a spot open in my schedule. I believe this is the number one best way for you to get your book written and to make it publishable in the shortest time possible. I believe I can talk to any writer and with ten pages and a twenty minute video chat, I can tell you what’s going wrong with your book, how to fix it, and what lies you’re telling yourself about why it’s not working.

I believe in you. I believe that only you can write this book. I also believe that the world needs your book. I believe the universe is calling you to write it and that I can help you birth it into this world. This is what I do. This is what I’m called to do.

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Endorsements from clients

Holy cow, you are a mind reader!


How did you get inside my brain?

The things that get in the way of our writing are complex. Fear, anxiety, temperament, life-problems, emotions, confidence, practice, skills, discernment, discipline. Mette was a support for me during one of the most complicated, emotional, and fraught creative periods I have ever experienced in my entire life. Her steady input, her calm way of helping me put things into perspective, her uncanny ability to stand in solace with me during near-complete breakdown, were all absolutely integral to my ability to produce a draft of one of the best novels I have ever written. I owe a lot to Mette and recommend her support to anyone who needs just a little help to navigate their way through the creative process. 

Kerry Spencer

Better Than Advertised.

There must be millions of us who are going to ‘write a book’ someday, but someday never comes.  I had piles of notes collected from over 20 years of ‘maybe’ and hundreds of hours of talking to myself in the shower, but that was it.  Then I took a chance on Mette’s ‘Kick in the Pants’ program.  She is a proven success in all the phases: starting, slogging through the middle and finishing and getting published.  In academia, fiction writing, non-fiction writing, and Ironman.  And that is just what I know about.  Daily encouraging reminders.  Weekly chats.  Killer feedback that is honest but gentle enough.  And I am so stoked.  I followed her guidance and ended up with a first draft, as advertised.  I don’t have money lying around the house, so believe me when I say the price is right and the promised expertise was delivered.  Thanks, Mette!

Jeff Krey

Hire her, hire her, hire her! She can really help a lot.

Josh Weed

Mette’s expert advice helped me to revise my manuscript, which was key to successfully querying agents. Her editing is thoughtful and spot-on; her insights helped me to make my novel shine brighter.

Cory Anderson


I am running out of superlatives for how remarkable you are as a writer. But I still have to remark. You are amazing.

Michael Austin, editor, BCC Press

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