One True Way to Write

In my early years as a writer, I kept thinking there was “one true way to write” and I had to find it. I spent a lot of time reading craft books to try to figure out what was the one true way. I would try to do things exactly like other writers did them. Down to the schedule they used for their writing, character sheets, outlining, etc.

Now I know there’s no one true way to write. Every writer develops their own method and the only purpose in reading about other writers’ methods is to see how varied they are. You might find a tip here and there, but you might just as easily not.

You have to learn instead to just figure out your own patterns. And to accept that your schedule isn’t going to look like someone else’s. Your drafting won’t look like theirs. You may or may not figure out ways that help move the process along. You may change the way that you write as you age, or from book to book.

This isn’t an answer that would have satisfied me much when I was at that age, looking for the one true way of writing, but it’s one I that satisfies me very much now.

Published by Mette Ivie

I'm a national bestselling author, All-American triathlete, Princeton PhD and mother of five amazing kids. And I'm here to teach you how to talk back to the brain that is telling you to quit before you fail. I'm here to up your game as a writer and as a human. I teach skills on writing, but more than that, I teach you how to take risks and write more deeply, more humanly, and to become a better human yourself.

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