Write the Harder Book

This is apparently a controversial thing to say, but I keep saying it to potential clients. If the book you think you want to work on with me is a book you began writing 5, 10, or 20 years ago, I will rarely think this a good choice. *You* are a better writer and person now.

You have better ideas. You’ve learned so many things about cliches and overused tropes and how to fully flesh out characters (especially women) and how to shape a story properly. Please, let go of the old book. Write the harder book. Write the better book.

Published by Mette Ivie

I'm a national bestselling author, All-American triathlete, Princeton PhD and mother of five amazing kids. And I'm here to teach you how to talk back to the brain that is telling you to quit before you fail. I'm here to up your game as a writer and as a human. I teach skills on writing, but more than that, I teach you how to take risks and write more deeply, more humanly, and to become a better human yourself.

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