27 Reasons You Aren’t Writing the Book You’re Meant to Write

1. You’re letting people tell you that you should be doing other things with your time because writing isn’t a “real job.” 2. You haven’t decided to treat your writing seriously and so no one around you treats it seriously, either. 3. You haven’t made yourself a writing space, either physically or mentally, that isContinue reading “27 Reasons You Aren’t Writing the Book You’re Meant to Write”

How to Think About Queries

A query is a business letter. It isn’t your application to college. It isn’t the ONE thing that’s going to make the difference between publishing your book and not publishing your book. It’s a query letter that is presenting a business proposition to a business person. Yes, it should be well-written. No, you should notContinue reading “How to Think About Queries”

Questions for Your Beta Readers:

I’m a believer in beta readers, but not in using beta readers indiscriminately. By the time you send a manuscript to beta readers, you should have a good handle on the shape of the book. I don’t think you should ask them to give you feedback on how to change the plot or characters. YouContinue reading “Questions for Your Beta Readers:”