I hate writing, but like having written

Does it feel like that for you? Most of the time this is because of your anxiety about writing, about it being good enough, about being able to get what’s in your head down onto the page in a way that makes you satisfied with it. A lot of writers think that they’re too “lazy”Continue reading “I hate writing, but like having written”

What kind of writer are you?

A–Dreamer This kind of writer loves to write ABOUT the story. Character sheets, worldbuilding stuff. But never gets to the actual story. B–My Own World This kind of writer loves to LIVE in the world. Lots of little adventures with lots of characters that don’t always equal a full novel. C–Tinkerer This kind of writerContinue reading “What kind of writer are you?”

Why Your Brain Is Lying to You

It does this because it wants to protect you. The more you care about your writing, the more your brain is going to work behind the scenes, without telling you what it’s doing, to get you to stop writing, to procrastinate, or to tell you you can’t do it. One of the most important thingsContinue reading “Why Your Brain Is Lying to You”

Who do I think I am?

I’ve published fifteen books nationally under the name “Mette Ivie Harrison.” My 2014 adult mystery The Bishop’s Wife was a national bestseller and I wrote many young adult fantasies that were quietly, well-reviewed. You may never have heard of me. Or you may be here because you’ve read one of my novels or one ofContinue reading “Who do I think I am?”

The 5 Biggest Lies Your Brain is Telling You

I’m Not Good Enough I’m Never Going to Finish This Book It’s Better/Safer to Quit Than to Fail My Teacher Was Right (and I Can’t Be a Writer) My Book Doesn’t Matter I hear these from writers I work with all the time. Many of them think that professional writers, people who’ve been publishing forContinue reading “The 5 Biggest Lies Your Brain is Telling You”

Why do I need a writing mentor?

Writers just write. You sit at the keyboard and type out words. How can anyone help with that? It’s either good or bad, publishable or not. Right? Wrong. So many writers I know start an incredible book and then–just get lost. They don’t know why. They tell themselves stories about not being good enough, orContinue reading “Why do I need a writing mentor?”