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We meet twice a month, once on the second Wednesday night at 7 MST, once on Sunday nights at 7 MST. Below are the video links for the current month’s writing group.

Please be prepared to read one page aloud for the whole group with a short explanation of the genre and where in the book this is (it’s easier if it’s earlier in the book). Then the group (including me) will give you feedback. You may think one page isn’t enough for us to figure out what’s going on, but it often is. Also, remember that you will probably learn more from listening to the feedback to other writers than you will from feedback directly on your own work. I don’t know exactly why this is true, but I’ve seen it happen over and over again for me and for others. I think your barriers might be down and you feel less defensiveness when you see mistakes other people are making and you see how to do it better.

Simple rules for the Writer’s Group:

  1. You read your own work.
  2. Once you have read, you don’t speak unless it is to answer a specific question.
  3. See #2. Please do not defend your book.
  4. Please remember that anyone’s comments are just their opinion. Be grateful that they are willing to share with you.
  5. It is always up to you to decide if you change your book based on any comments. Obviously, I think I have useful information to share, but sometimes I get it wrong. Sometimes my professional editors get it wrong. 90% of the time they’re right, though, and I think that’s true for me, too
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