Top 10 Things NOT to do while submitting to an agent

  1. Resubmit a second query letter or manuscript because there are mistakes in the first one.
  2. Take the first agenting offer you get, or forget to inform other agents that you have an offer of representation.
  3. Send out your manuscript to all your possible agents at the same time.
  4. Forget to follow the detailed and unique instructions for submission on your agent’s website.
  5. Talk about how much your children or grandchildren loved your book.
  6. Compare your book to Harry Potter or Twilight.
  7. Promise the agent money.
  8. Talk about what a great movie your book is going to make.
  9. Demand a certain amount of money before you are willing to sell your book.
  10. Assume an agent NOT responding means they’re continuing to consider your book.
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