What are the 10 most common mistakes writers make?

  1. Having no voice. Your book shouldn’t read like every other book. You’re not trying to impress your English teacher. Write in fragments. Use ain’t if appropriate.
  2. Characters all sound alike. Characters should all sound very distinct, and all should want different things.
  3. It’s boring. Lots of us live boring lives in real life. But you just skip those parts for the book.
  4. Too much explanation of backstory or worldbuilding.
  5. Not knowing your genre well enough (Read 100 books published in the last year in the genre you want to publish in).
  6. Passive characters or characters who don’t know what they want. (They can change what they want, but they need to be moving toward a goal).
  7. Not enough conflict between characters. Even friends have conflicts with each other. Certainly romantic partners should have interesting conflicts.
  8. Plot twists you can see a mile off.
  9. Characters do things that don’t make any sense, considering who they are, purely because you the writer want to write a scene in which they do that thing.
  10. Villains have too much power. If they had that much power, wouldn’t they be busy taking control of the planet? And if they were doing that, how could anyone stop them?
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